D-Von Dudley — Helps Twin Sons Win Gold (VIDEO)

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Tag legend D-Von Dudley might be busy with his new backstage role in WWE, but that didn’t stop the dedicated family man from making time this weekend to help his twin sons win tag team gold.

It all went down Friday at CONQUER Pro Wrestling‘s event in Sanford, Florida when Terrence and Terrell — known as TNT — wrestled in CPW’s first ever tag team championship match.

The two teams exchanged some stiff offense for the better part of 15 minutes … but after a suspect non-count on the part of a ref, D-von felt the need to intervene and help his boys.

Following the win, their proud papa got on the microphone and cut a heartfelt promo.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on the second generation of Dudleys.