NWA Partners with Ring of Honor for Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament

crockett cup ring of honor nwa roh partnership

The Crockett Cup will be returning to North Carolina this year and NWA is partnering with ROH to make it happen. 

The company announced:

On April 27th, 2019, The National Wrestling Alliance (in association with The Crockett Foundation) will partner with Ring of Honor Wrestling to bring the classic tag-team tournament, The Crockett Cup, back to North Carolina at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, NC.

As we previously reported, former Crockett Cup winner Road Warrior Animal announced at the NWA 70th Anniversary event that the tag team tournament would return in 2019.

“The NWA is known for the legends who have carried the famous Ten Pounds of Gold,” said Billy Corgan in the announcement.

Adding, “Jim Crockett Promotions built a foundation in the Mid-Atlantic region with their tag team wrestling in the 70s and 80s.  The Crockett Cup in 1986 brought together the best tag teams in the world under one roof.  It’s our honor partnering with Ring of Honor to bring this tradition back to North Carolina while supporting the Crockett Foundation with their philanthropy for veterans.”

“Our utmost important stakeholders, investors, or partners in this business are the wrestling fans,” ROH General Manager Greg Gilleland continued. “Partnering with The NWA to bring back this prestigious tournament and truly create a special event is a responsibility that we have to all fans, and is one of many other special events to come.”

The first qualifying match for The Crockett Cup takes place this coming Saturday at the NWA Pop Up Event in Clarksville, TN.

Additional information on the field of competitors and other promotions involved in the tournament will be announced in the coming weeks.