Senator Cory Booker Calls Out Triple H During Linda McMahon Confirmation Hearing (VIDEO)

cory booker triple h linda mcmahon senate confirmation hearing video

Triple H has let himself go and needs to hit the gym … at least according to Senator Cory Booker, who called out The Game on Tuesday during Linda McMahon‘s confirmation hearing.

Booker started by thanking Linda for serving her country and adding, “I want to also just say when your daughter and son-in-law stood up, just want to say for the record, that your daughter is far more fierce and intimidating than your son-in-law.”

When another speaker blurts out “that’s sexist,” Hunter can be heard saying “but true.”

The Senator continued, “He and I are about the same age, almost exactly the same age, and Paul’s letting himself slip a little bit so after this maybe we should go to the Senate gym so I can give Triple H some triple help in getting back in shape.”

Linda’s response is pretty awesome. Check out the clip below.