UFC Heavyweight Champ Daniel Cormier Critical of WWE Writing on Steve Austin’s Podcast

UFC champ Daniel Cormier isn’t just taking issue with Brock Lesnar, he’s also tossing jabs at WWE creative on the latest episode of Steve Austin‘s podcast.

During the interview, DC and “Stone Cold” covered his recent UFC fight, potential feud with Lesnar and love for professional wrestling —  or at least what it used to be.

“I feel like the writing and everything — the storylines — aren’t as strong as they were back in the day. Back in the day, stories were strong,” Cormier told Austin.  “You knew when you tuned in on a Monday night, you were going to be entertained; you were going to be invested in the stories and everything.”

When talking about the transition in the business, Cormier jovially blamed Stone Cold for the way storylines have been forced to change and evolve.  He noted the way Austin and former tag team partner Brian Pillman were booed as the Hollywood Blondes in WCW doesn’t work anymore.  Back then, fans jeered because they were supposed to.  Cormier says Austin changed that.

“I go to events and I listen to Kevin Owens get cheered. But then they boo all the people that my son loves as a kid: John Cena, Roman Reigns,” Cormier said. “They get booed out of the building. But the guys that are despicable get cheered. And that’s because of you!”

DC did have props to give to the writing staff on the way they’ve handled Ronda Rousey, saying: “They highlighted all of her strengths, and she’s just getting better. It’s amazing how well she’s doing.”

While Cormier recently joked about challenging Brock for the Universal Championship, he didn’t address that here. Instead, he sounded entirely focused on fighting The Beast inside the octagon.

Listen to the interview HERE (this chat begins around the 53-minute mark).