The Young Bucks Powerbombed Christopher Daniels Through a Table at Stan Lee’s Comic Con (VIDEO)

comic con stan lee young bucks powerbomb table video christopher daniels kazarian

Stan Lee‘s Comic Con took place in Los Angeles this weekend and it featured a panel with The Young Bucks and The Addiction … WHICH ENDED IN CHAOS!!!

The interview was moderated by Wrestling Sheet Radio co-host Jamie Iovine, as well as Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin, and “The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale was also in attendance.

We’ll have the full panel video up in the morning, but the end of things had to be seen.

The brawl kicked off after The Addiction taunted the Bucks with Too Sweet hand gestures and the brothers eventually got the upper-hand with superkicks. Christopher Daniels was then powerbombed through a table and Frankie Kazarian got hit with an Indytaker on the stage.

Watch the clip below (and remember to check back in the morning for the full panel video).