Colin Jost Reacts To Braun Strowman’s Car Freakout

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Braun Strowman destroyed a car “gifted” to him by Colin Jost last night on Raw and the “SNL” star responded on Tuesday in a pretty funny way.

In case you missed it, “The Monster Among Men” completely annihilated the car after it was given to him by Jost to apologize for his remarks on last week’s edition of Raw.

“Hey [Braun Strowman] not to make a big fuss, but that was a rental and I didn’t pay for insurance,” Jost tweeted out earlier today. “Maybe I can send you my Venmo info and you can reimburse me? PS are you watching The Bachelor? Crazy!,” he added. “See you soon amigo!”

Jost wrapped up his tweet with one of the best hashtags wrestling Twitter has ever known:


Colin also updated his Twitter bio. It now reads “SNL, WWE, mentor figure to Braun Strowman.”

UPDATE: Braun responded. Read what he had to say below.