Adam Cole Retains NXT Title at TakeOver: Toronto After Falling Off a Cage (VIDEO)

adam cole wins takeover toronto nxt cage weapons fall off video

Undisputed Era may not have been covered in gold by the time TakeOver: Toronto came to a close, but Adam Cole did manage to retain his NXT Championship in epic fashion.

The main event 2 out of 3 falls match between Cole and Johnny Gargano saw Adam pickup the first victory via DQ and Gargano the second via submission in a street fight.

The final fall was contested in a cage match … and the cage was covered in weapons.

As you’d expect, things got crazy in the weapons cage. Adam Cole hit a Panama Sunrise from the top rope at one point and another from the top of a ladder.

Cole and Gargano eventually made their way to the top of the cage and stood atop a table which had been placed in the corner. They then flung themselves off and went through a table setup in the ring.

Adam Cole draped his arm over his unconscious opponent and picked up the final fall to retain.

Watch the end of the match below.