Colby Corino — Releases Heartfelt Message About His Addiction … ‘I’m Gonna Get Better’ (VIDEO)

Colby Corino video message treatment help rehab jail released

Former ROH wrestler Colby Corino has published a heartfelt video about his struggle with addiction after being released from jail … and in the footage, he vows to get help.

Corino says, “As I’m sure you’ve seen online, I have a problem. I’ve been struggling with addiction for a few years now and I’ve never gotten the help I needed.”

As we previously reported, Colby was found unconscious in his home by police and arrested for possession of a controlled substance after multiple kinds of drugs were found on scene.

The 20-year-old adds, “As of today, I’m gonna start getting the treatment that I need to be the better person and the best man I can be on this world.”

Colby’s tag partners have started a GoFundMe that will help him pay for medical costs.