Cody Rhodes — WWE Cancelled My Network Subscription, But I Got The Hook-Up (VIDEO)

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Cody Rhodes says his free WWE Network subscription was quickly revoked after he left the company … but don’t worry, a popular Superstar gave him their password.

The ex-WWE wrestler appeared on Straight Shoot this week and told host Aubrey Sitterson that he was surprised at how quickly the company shut down his account once he moved on.

Rhodes explained, “Of all the other legal things I figured they would hit first. One of the first things they took away was my Network credentials. I’m now stealing Claudio’s [Cesaro] network credentials. He knows I’m stealing, I’m borrowing, Claudio’s network credentials.”

The wrestler spoke at length about all sorts of topics … including why he hates non-wrestlers using insider terms, a writer he disliked pitching a disrespectful storyline to him during The Dusty Classic, WWE calling NXT wrestlers “Dusty’s kids” while he was in the company and much more.

We cued the video to the stuff mentioned above, but the whole interview is pretty awesome.