AEW Releases Medical Update on Cody Rhodes Following Nasty Chairshot

cody rhodes medical update shawn spears fyter fest chairshot

Cody Rhodes was the victim of a nasty chairshot to the head during Fyter Fest and AEW released an update on his condition afterward. 

For those who missed it … Shawn Spears hit the ring after Cody’s match against Darby Allin (which ended in a draw) and delivered an unprotected chairshot to Rhodes’ head.

The broadcast team then attempted to stall while Rhodes was taken to the back. During the stalling, Jim Ross talked about how a chairshot like that shouldn’t have happened.

AEW tweeted a photo of Cody back at the production area not long after the chairshot moment. The photo was captioned: “12 staples and no concussion.”

We’ll keep you updated if his conditions changes or any further updates are released.