Cody Rhodes Says Brodie Lee’s Character Isn’t an “Outright Spoof” of Vince McMahon

brodie lee exalted one vince mcmahon not outright spoof similar quirks

Brodie Lee has been featured in a series of vignettes showing The Exalted One’s leadership quirks are similar to Vince McMahon … but Cody Rhodes claims the character isn’t an “outright spoof.”

During an interview on Busted Open this week, co-host Bully Ray asked Cody if the plan has always been for The Dark Order/Brodie Lee to be a spoof on Vince McMahon.

Cody responds saying he could never say what the original plan was because he’s not sure there ever was an “original plan.” Rhodes goes on to praise Vince McMahon for bringing him up in the wrestling industry and says you’ll likely never hear his name on AEW TV.

As for Mr. Brodie’s similarities to Vince, however, here’s what Cody had to say in full:

“When it comes to some of the parallels between Brodie’s style of leadership, there are a lot of unique parallels … but I don’t think it’s particularly a spoof on Vince McMahon. Maybe it’s cause we’ll see how it develops in the next few weeks. I think Brodie just has a very power boss, very animal kingdom-kind of social Darwinism, type approach to The Dark Order and I think that falls in line with perhaps some of Vince’s quirks. But it is not an outright spoof on the legendary Mr. McMahon …… not outright.”

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview.

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