Cody Rhodes Says Pat McAfee Tries To Get A Job At AEW ‘Every Other Day’

Cody Rhodes has claimed that part-time WWE Superstar Pat McAfee regularly attempts to get hired by All Elite Wrestling.

During an AEW media call on Wednesday morning, Cody was asked about McAfee’s recent comments regarding  Shaquille O’Neal’s involvement in AEW.

“I didn’t see this comment, especially from Pat. Which is super bizarre because I’m pretty sure that Pat is trying to get a job at AEW like every other day,” Cody said.

McAfee promptly denied Cody’s claim.

“Cody Rhodes says I’ve been trying to get employed by the AEW? This is not true, I’ve actually contemplated retirement here more than I have contemplated going to AEW,” he said.

It all started when Shaq claimed his upcoming mixed tag encounter would top all other pro-wrestling matches involving celebrities from outside the world of wrestling.

“This one will top them all,” the NBA legend said in a recent interview with AP.

Former NFL star McAfee disagreed.

“I want [to be] very clear, I am nowhere near the same human when it comes to clout as Shaquille O’Neal,” Pat said on Tuesday’s edition of The Pat McAfee Show. “I understand that, I would never, ever think that. I’m just telling you what I was labeled as when I went into the wrestling business. Everybody said, ‘We hate whenever celebrities come in and take the spaces.’ So, I was being viewed as a celebrity wrestler. … This is not me being arrogant; this is just something that has been very much understood — that would be my match is what he is talking about.

Cody and Shaq will square off in a mixed tag match featuring Jade Cargill and Red Velvet on the March 3 episode of AEW Dynamite.