Cody Rhodes Says He’s Not Angry About NXT Using Great American Bash Name

nxt cody rhodes great american bash not upset aew fyter fest

The Great American Bash holds very special meaning for the Rhodes family, but Cody says he doesn’t mind NXT using the name as counter-programming to AEW’s Fyter Fest.

As AEW runs Fyter Fest over the next two Wednesdays, NXT has announced their shows will be branded as The Great American Bash, which was an event named by Cody’s father Dusty Rhodes in honor of his son. Still, there are no grudges being held.

“I’m not going to get angry because it still brings up his name in a positive way,” Cody said during an interview on SiriusXM’s Busted Open.

“It’s a unique marketing thing and I’m not really upset about it.  I know my sister thought it was strange that it was announced willy-nilly and last minute,” he went on to explain. “In the strangest of ways, I would hope that they do something special with it.”

Cody does wish, however, that NXT avoids the trappings of what happened when WWE rebranded a house show as Starrcade, another one of Dusty’s creations, back in 2017. “I think our show is better. I think our show it will be better in execution, but I hope they do something special with it because I hated what Michael Hayes did with Starrcade,” he said. “He took a creation of my Dad’s and made it a live event because they weren’t selling any tickets in North Carolina and he wanted to save his job.”

At the time, Hayes was working as a producer and even invited Cody to appear on the card.

Cody does argue that his sober mind is calm about the entire situation, but an inebriated one might be a bit more contentious. “It is what it is. I would hope they do something positive with it. That’s really the only outlook I have on it, unless I had like three of four bourbons and then I would have a different outlook on it,” he joked.

AEW’s Fyter Fest and NXT’s Great American Bash go head-to-head the next two Wednesdays, July 1st and July 8th.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview on Busted Open.

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