Cody Rhodes Says Trevor Lee’s Dusty Diss Will Be Edited Out of PWG DVD

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TNA wrestler Trevor Lee dissed the legendary father of Cody Rhodes at a PWG event on Saturday night … but the grandson of a plumber says it’ll be edited out of the event once it hits DVD.

Rhodes wrestled in the opening match of Only Kings Can Understand Each Other and after the introduction he proclaimed, “It’s not Cody … It’s Cody f*cking Rhodes! ”

This triggered his opponent Trevor Lee … who moments later got in Cody’s face and said, “Y’know what? F*ck Dusty Rhodes!” The insult got a loud boo from the crowd.

Cody tweeted shortly after the match, “I have ONE rule when you wrestle me or include me in interviews. I did not mention it to my opponent tonight. I apologize on my behalf for the match in Reseda. 100% accidental. Folks get carried away. Apology accepted. Edited from the film. Thank you for understanding.”

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