Cody Explains How TNT Championship Will Impact Rankings, Future Plans For The Belt

aew tnt championship rankings double or nothing cody

Cody goes one-on-one with Lance Archer this weekend to determine the inaugural AEW TNT champion, and today during a conference call he cleared up how the new title will impact rankings.

On the “Double or Nothing” media conference call … Cody said the TNT Championship represents uncharted waters, but it will be viewed separately from the AEW World Championship.

“We’re not going to look at them as 1 and 2,” he said. “That’s because we want to see what becomes of the TNT title. We can’t tell you here and now that it’s going to be a workhorse title. We can’t tell you it’s going to be a mid-card title. We can’t say any of those things because we’ve never seen it before.”

Quite literally, too. Cody says he has yet to see the actual title belt that will be rewarded to either he or Archer by special guest Mike Tyson.

As for the rankings, Cody clarified that the TNT Champion will be exempt. “I can say, as far as rankings go, the top five will be all non-champions,” he said. “So, the TNT Champion and the World Champion will be unranked individuals.”

He also concedes the top five tends to skew toward the World title, but there’s no telling what the future may hold for the belt.

Listen to the full conference call below.