Cody Rhodes — WWE Gave Me Permission to Write Dusty Rhodes Book (AUDIO)

dusty rhodes book cody wrestling wwe writer writing permission

The life story of Dusty Rhodes may soon be told in a book written by one of his sons, according to Cody Rhodes … who says WWE has given him permission to tell his father’s tale.

In his first post-WWE interview … Cody told Walker Nation, “I don’t know if they’re ever gonna announce it, but WWE has given me the go-ahead to write my dad’s book. They didn’t have to do that, especially after leaving, and that’s helpful in the relationship as we move forward.”

Various reports online stated that Cody had been recently talking to WWE again, but it’s unclear if this is what the discussions were in reference too.

The wrestler formerly known as Stardust was pretty open in the interview and talked in more detail about why he asked for his release, when he fell out of love with wrestling and who his stiffest opponent has been. Check it out below.