Cody Rhodes ‘Apologizes’ For Shoving Nick Jackson at Strong Style Evolved

cody rhodes young bucks nick jackson matt strong style evolved apology

Cody Rhodes shoved Nick Jackson to the ground following the main event of Strong Style Evolved … but now he’s apologizing, claiming it was a case of mistaken identity.

For those who missed it, The Young Bucks were defeated by Golden☆Lovers last night during the AXS TV special and afterward Cody hit the ring to get in Matt Jackson‘s face.

When Nick attempted to intervene, Cody pushed him down and stared menacingly at both brothers before Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi returned to fend him off.

In a statement released on Monday though, Rhodes said:

After having just witnessed one of the most unbelievable matches of my generation, I become frustrated as I (like many others in attendance and watching at home) was hoping for a different result. My frustration was my undoing. In a misguided attempt to motivate Matt Jackson, I became so unaware of my surroundings … I assumed it was Kenny Omega who grabbed me by the arm and instinctually I shoved him backwards outta self defense. Imagine my horror upon seeing seeing that it was my best friend Nick.

This is the truth.

A truth I hope the fans and my peers can respect and understand. Regardless, I formally apologize to Nick, Matt and the entire Massie family.

Watch footage of the encounter below, then sound off in the comments.