CM Punk on Possible Return to Wrestling: No Promoter Has Actually Made an Offer (VIDEO)

cm punk return wrestling offer video interview

CM Punk talked about a possible return to wrestling during a recent interview and revealed that not one promoter has made him an offer during his time away. 

In an interview with MMA Fighting … Punk told Ariel Helwani, “nobody has ever asked me, like straight up asked me to come wrestle for them. Nobody.”

“Not since I left [WWE]. There’s been ‘Oh hey, uh, if you ever wanted to do anything” – and I know what this gonna sound like to a lot of people and everyone is always gonna find a way to spin it to make sure whatever they want to have happen happens, but I just like – nobody’s ever been like ‘Hey, here’s the deal. We’re having a show, we’re gonna pay you x amount, you’re working this guy – what do you say? Yes or no?’ Nobody’s ever done that,” Punk said. “Everybody’s always been like, ‘Hey, you know, if you want to ever maybe do something’, and you know, to me that’s absolutely not an offer.”

While Punk might have UFC on his mind, Helwani wanted to know if he’d truly be willing to entertain a “real offer” and the fighter said no.

However, he added this: “I’m not gonna sit here and be like, ‘No, no’. You know, something might come up. Some fun might be had. But right now my heart and my mind and my focus is 100% on Saturday and fighting. So does that mean fighting beyond Saturday? To me, yes.”

Following this week’s legal battle, Punk is set to battle Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in Chicago.

UPDATE: Punk told a Canadian news outlet this morning that even though he hasn’t received an offer, this doesn’t mean he wants one … adding, “I’m done with professional wrestling.”

Watch the MMA Fighting interview below. (h/t to Cageside Seats for the transcription)