Day 3 Trial Testimony Centers Around Frustrated CM Punk After Rumble Injury

cm punk royal rumble frustration day three trial testimony

Video testimony played in court Thursday morning painting a picture of an injured CM Punk who was angered by his early elimination from the 2014 Royal Rumble.

According to WrestleZone … taped interviews featuring Kane, referee John Cone, athletic trainer Larry Heck and audio technician Timothy Gaeng kicked off day three of the libel trial pitting Punk and co-defendant Colt Cabana against WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann.

The testimony centered around Punk’s concussion in the Royal Rumble and the chaos that ensued in the moments following the injury.

Kane recalled “illegally” eliminating Punk from the event – a phrase that got a chuckle from Punk inside the courtroom — and said the elimination was planned, but for later in the match.

Cone recalled producers in the back telling him to let Punk know he needed to stay down and that Kane would be coming out to eliminate him.  The ref said Punk responded, “if you make me leave this f*cking match, I’ll f*cking quit right now.”  Cone said after repeating the order, Punk pie-faced him.

It’s worth noting Punk quit the company the next day.

Heck, a 17-year medical veteran of WWE, testified that Amman said Punk had been concussed in the match.  Following the elimination, Heck said he witnessed Punk cuss people out backstage and then leave.  Heck recalled Punk being mad the finish of the match was changed.

Kane, Heck, and Cone testified that they weren’t aware of a lump or infection on Punk’s lower back.

After the videos played, court broke for lunch.

During testimony on Wednesday, Dr. Amann was on the stand discussing text messages between he and Punk, how he disclosed Punk’s medical issues to others, and emotional damage he says has been caused by the podcast.

The trial got started on Tuesday following jury selection.  Proceedings are expected to last a week.