CM Punk — Conor McGregor Worked Most of the WWE Locker Room (AUDIO)

CM Punk conor mcgregor wwe wrestler responding video hot 97 rosenberg radio

Ex-WWE wrestler CM Punk knows a work when he sees one … and according to him, most of his former locker room companions were recently duped big time by Conor McGregor.

Punk addressed McGregor’s comments about WWE wrestlers in an interview Monday with Hot 97 FM saying, “I think the thing that shocked me the most about what Conor said was the number of people who work there who responded to him, who should know better … they got worked.”

He added, “Ric Flair, c’mon. Just stop. Just knock it off.”

Punk went on to say it’s embarrassing for anyone to fight on Twitter, so he’s not picking on WWE wrestlers, the former champ just believes that taking the higher road is best for everyone.

Check out the full interview below.