CM Punk Was Allegedly Backstage During “All In” Press Conference

cm punk backstage all in press conference

The rumor mill surrounding CM Punk making an appearance at “All In” is about to go into overdrive … because the ex-WWE champ was apparently backstage during the show’s press conference.

Jenn Sterger — who hosted the conference — spilled the beans during an interview on the latest Collider Bodyslam podcast.

“If you got your tickets at face value for this event, I’m just saying it literally might be the best in the world,” Sterger told the show. “I will only say someone wearing sweatpants and training for something walked into the back of the building that the press conference was in — with marks, mind you, lining the entire sidewalks in the front of the building — and I just kept thinking ‘if they knew you were back here, they would literally tear down the front of the store.'”

The host says CM Punk was allegedly there to pick up shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees, but none of the people involved in the event would confirm or deny if he’d be making an appearance at All In.

With a scheduled signing the day before the event, and the fact he lives in Chicago, Jenn told the show that she thinks it only makes sense for the UFC fighter to be there. Adding, “What better way — if you were going to make your return to wrestling — than the biggest indie show ever?”

Listen to a portion of the interview below, then check out the full show — AVAILABLE HERE.