WATCH: Tommaso Ciampa, Adam Cole and More NXT Stars Appear on SmackDown

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The NXT roster has had a heavy influence on SmackDown tonight, with multiple wrestlers from the brand making appearances on the show. 

As we previously reported, Shayna Baszler was the first to make an appearance.

Next was Matt Riddle and Keith Lee, who interrupted Sami Zayn in a backstage promo before chasing him to the ring and landing moves on the WWE star.

Tommaso Ciampa was then a guest on Miz TV and it lead to a match between the two wrestlers which ended with Ciampa picking up the victory.

After the match was over, Daniel Bryan was shown in the backstage area with Triple H. Hunter explained that the ad for Survivor Series that aired during Crown Jewel made him feel like they were calling NXT out, so he brought some of his crew to the building. 

Daniel then said he was looking for a fight and Triple H offered up Adam Cole. An NXT title match between the two was set for later in the evening. 

Next, Bianca Belair was shown attacking a bunch of women backstage. This led to Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox challenging Fire and Desire (who were already in the ring) to a match. Rhea and Tegan won the match. 

The match between Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole later in the evening ended with the NXT champion hitting his finisher, then pinning Daniel clean in the middle of the ring. Triple H, HBK, Cole and more NXT stars got in the ring afterward and staked their claim in WWE ahead of Survivor Series.

As we previously reported, Survivor Series this year will include participants from Raw, SmackDown and NXT. It has not been said if the champions from each brand will all face-off against each other for “brand supremacy” like the event has featured in the past. 

Watch some of the highlights below.