Chyna’s Mother Speaks Out Against GoFundMe “Scam” Launched by Ex-Manager

chyna mother speaks out gofundme scam

Chyna‘s mother Jan LaQue is speaking out against the recent GoFundMe launched by her daughter’s ex-manager, calling the whole thing a scam to make more money.

As we previously reported, Anthony Anzaldo claims he’s trying to raise over $25,000 in an effort to put Chyna’s remains in Hollywood Forever Cemetery near Judy Garland. LaQue, however, left multiple comments on the crowd funding page warning people not to donate.

“PLEASE don’t donate to this Go Fund me. IT IS A SCAM,” Jan wrote. “Anthony was supposed to scatter all of the ashes that he had of my daughter’s in the Pacific Ocean. Obviously he lied about that. Technically and legally, any of the ashes he has now belong to me, as my daughter’s sole beneficiary. This is nothing more than a scam to get your money from you.”

Anzaldo responded saying:

This is not a scam. This is very real. This is both for Chyna and her fans. Her Mother, who didn’t see her for 30 years, is hateful for reasons beyond me. I will not engage, but I can assure everyone that I have the legal right to do with what I wish with the 1/4 remains that I have a permit to own authorized by the State Of California. 1/2 of her remains were spread in the Pacific Ocean and 1/4 his with her Mother. Those are the facts. Chyna would love to be visited by her fans next to one of her idols, don’t let the haters be the gate keepers.

Chyna’s mother didn’t back down though and replied saying she had documents to prove her claims. She also wrote on Facebook implying that the ex-manager stole money from Chyna’s apartment while he waited for authorities to arrive back in 2016.

“There was $5000 found at the scene by the Redondo Police Department which Anthony got his hands on. At least that’s the amount that was reported. Since Anthony was the first person on the scene, before the police or coroner, I’ve always felt that there was a good possibility that there was a lot more money in her condo, as she had a habit of keeping a lot of cash around. Not to mention that there was no evidence of some of the substances found in her system. I know this because I spoke to the medical examiner personally and I know exactly what was found in her system and what was found on the scene by the police department and the coroner’s office. It’s like someone came into her condo, cleaned things up, and maybe even cleaned her out!!!”

The GoFundMe page is still active, as of this writing, and has so far raised $35.