Chuck Palumbo — I Saved Woman From a Wreck … BY LIFTING A CAR!

Chuck Palumbo car wreck save hero samaritan wwe wcw wrestler wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Chuck Palumbo might be a real-life superhero … the wrestler says he LIFTED A FREAKING CAR to save someone from a wreck Tuesday — and his full story is applaud-worthy.

Palumbo — who stars on Discovery’s “Rusted Development” — tells Pro Wrestling Sheet he was driving down a rural road near his home in El Cajon, California when he spotted a car on the wrong side of the road tipped over on it’s side. Chuck pulled ahead of the vehicle and sprung into action.

“I looked in the car and noticed just one person in the car, a woman who seemed to be going in and out of consciousness.” Chuck adds, “I noticed she was pinned between the steering wheel and her arm was pinned under the car. I was able to lift the car enough so she could move her arm out.”

The 44 year-old says he climbed onto the top of the passenger side of the vehicle and released her seatbelt, then proceeded to lift the woman out of the car. “As soon as I sat her down on the ground a fire engine was pulling up. I didn’t want to hang around and answer questions, so I just jumped in my truck and headed on my way.”

We spoke with local police to confirm, but according to law enforcement there were way too many reports of overturned vehicles Tuesday for that to be possible due to the rain.

Batman would be proud.