Christian Opens Up About His Return: ‘This Is What I Was Born To Do’

In the wake of his surprise involvement in last month’s Royal Rumble match, Christian has opened up about returning in-ring action.

Captain Charisma spilled the beans on the latest edition of WWE’s The Bump, on which he was appearing as a guest.

The WWE legend revealed that he didn’t actually find out he was going to be a part of the Rumble until a few days before the event.

“I found at 7:30 on Friday night and it was a whirlwind from there,” he said. “In hindsight, I would have liked to have a little more time, being able to get in the ring and things like that, but it also gave me — I was nervous when I got the call. Where is my gear? These are things I have to find. Once I started piecing things together, there was no time to think,” he added.

The former World Heavyweight Champion went on to explain that he calmed down by the time Sunday arrived.

“I had so much to do to prepare on Saturday, then we all went to the arena on Sunday and I was surprisingly calm,” he confessed. “For not having stepped foot in the ring for seven years, there were no nerves. This is what I was born to do. There was nothing to be nervous about. I’m afraid to watch it back because I don’t want to see something I didn’t like. Eventually, I’ll watch it back. In my mind, I felt rusty,” he continued.

Check out Christian’s appearance on The Bump below.