Chris Jericho Says He Didn’t Ask For WWE ‘Permission’ to Appear at Wrestle Kingdom 12

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Vince McMahon got a heads up from Chris Jericho about his plan to wrestle at NJPW‘s upcoming Wrestle Kingdom event, but only after the deal was done.

Jericho told the guys from Busted Open on Sirius XM that he informed Vince six weeks ago about the upcoming Kenny Omega match, when the deal was finalized, and McMahon was “super excited.”

“I didn’t ask him for his permission, but I didn’t have to.” He explained, “It’s not like it’s some kind of behind the scenes screw job. It’s taking a great opportunity and helping the business, helping Kenny Omega, helping New Japan. But guess what? It helps Chris Jericho, which in turn helps the WWE. So I think all of that stuff is stuff you take into consideration.”

Jericho added, “I had no contractual obligation, but it was respect.”

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  1. Ever heard the phrase “it goes without saying”? Because it certainly goes without saying that Vince McMahon isn’t consulted on anything concerning NJPW as it has nothing at all to do with him… Does Gedo get updates about what goes on at WWE? I doubt it.

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