Chris Jericho Says Recent Run Has Been a Career Highlight … ‘Whether I Come Back’ Or Not (AUDIO)

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Only a stupid idiot would say Chris Jericho‘s recent run in WWE hasn’t been great — and although it’s unclear when he’ll be back, the wrestler says it’s been one of his biggest career highlights.

Y2J appeared on Busted Open yesterday and said the current run was supposed to end after WrestleMania, but Vince had the idea for him to stay a little bit longer.

Jericho adds, “Whether I come back to the WWE or not, I’ll always remember this year as one of the biggest highlights of my 27 years on the job.”

Chris also talked about the end to his lengthy storyline with Kevin Owens: “It was a great way to end the saga between Owens and Jericho because it started organically and then we went through the whole ups and downs and all this other stuff and turning on each other and then finally getting the surprise win on Sunday [Payback] and then having him take me out, kill the ‘knight in shining armor’ on Tuesday I think was a fitting end and a great way to kind of button everything up.”

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