Chris Jericho Goes Into Detail About AEW Title Getting Stolen Last Year

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Chris Jericho has finally opened up in detail about what happened the night the AEW World Championship was allegedly stolen while he was eating at a Longhorn Steakhouse.

On the latest episode of Talk is Jericho, the former AEW champion says it all began when he had to land in Tallahassee instead of Tampa due to weather, and because of the long layover he decided to rent a driver from a limo company he trusts who would drive his party all the way home. 

Jericho says he put his bags in the back of the car when it arrived and that his belt was in a grey, velvet bag separate from his luggage. He then asked to go to Outback Steakhouse with his group, but the driver suggested Longhorn Steakhouse because it was closer to where they were going. 

This is where things take a turn. 

Chris says while at the airport, he accidentally grabbed the wrong suitcase. Because of this, the driver had to go back to the airport while Chris was eating to switch it with the person whose bag Jericho grabbed. When he returned, the driver walked into the restaurant at one point in the meal and began to just wander around. He then made his way over to Jericho’s table and asked a mundane question about the destination in which he was taking the wrestler home. Jericho, unsure why he was being asked this, answered his question … then the driver returned to the vehicle.

Twenty-minutes later, the driver walked into the restaurant again and informed Chris that his title belt was missing … even though it was in a nondescript bag that the driver never touched or was told about. “It’s not the job of the driver to go through people’s bags,” he added.

Jericho then questioned how this could’ve even been possible, so they went outside to investigate. 

When they got to the car, Chris noticed that something he bought for his wife had been moved from the trunk area to the backseat of the SUV and appeared to have fallen to the ground at some point. Jericho asked if the driver locked the car during his brief walk into the restaurant and the guy said no.

The AEW star flipped out upon hearing this and started yelling at the driver. 

The manager at Longhorn then tried to calm things down by telling them to call the police. She also informed him there were multiple surveillance cameras in the surrounding area. Police eventually arrived and statements were given to the officers, then Jericho made the long drive home in a party bus with his group.

The next morning Jericho had to call Tony Khan to inform him the title belt had been stolen. 

“Now I feel like the biggest loser ever because I’m trying to explain to my boss that the title got stolen and it’s like, what a terrible embarrassing thing to have to say to your boss. ‘I’m sorry, the title got stolen,'” he said on the podcast. After that, Jericho says he told Cody, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega knowing that they might all just think he got drunk and lost it.

Jericho also says Khan told him the belt cost about $30,000 to make. 

According to Chris, before they could decide whether to address what happened publicly, local police had already confirmed what happened to the press. This is when he decided to film a video for AEW to deflect the embarrassment of the situation and take advantage of the situation in a good way.

Chris says days later he learned the belt had been discovered through a news article showing officers parading around with his belt, without informing him it was found. “Why are they posting online that they’ve found the title and they haven’t even told the guy who got it stolen,” Jericho asked.

The 49-year-old then called the police station and questioned why they would do that. Adding, “That seems like it’s very unprofessional.”

As we previously reported … the belt was found by a 41-year-old Florida State University employee who said it was in a velvet bag in the middle of a turn lane. He then claims to have opened the bag when he got home and learned it was a title belt, so he listed it online in the lost and found section of Craigslist. When the story became national news, he turned it into the police station. 

Jericho, however, says the road it was found on was nowhere near the Longhorn Steakhouse. Nor was it near the route they took from the airport. He also doesn’t believe that someone would pull over to pick something up off the side of the road without looking in the bag first to see what was inside. 

Jericho also thinks it’s a little coincidental that the SUV driver just happened to be at the police station when the alleged good samaritan turned the belt in to police.

As for where things stand … Chris says nothing was ever found on the security cameras and the case is still open, as far as he knows. Therefore, no one knows exactly what happened that night.

Listen to the full story from Jericho’s point of view by CLICKING HERE.