Chris Jericho Improvises Songs About His Career, Says You Can’t Request to Be on The List (VIDEO)

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Chris Jericho is making the rounds to promote his new book and in one appearance jammed out with two musicians to create impromptu songs based on his wrestling career.

Jericho appeared on The Kicker’s YouTube channel for a “Jam Sesh” with David Ingber and song subjects include the night he won the Undisputed title, a promoter who desperately wanted him to be a cowboy and how you just can’t ask to be put on The List.

Explaining, “If you’re out there watching, please don’t ask me to put you on The List because you can’t request to be on The List.”

While it didn’t make it into a song, he also talked about his failed catchphrases over the years. “You never know what’s going to hit. The one I thought was going to be the big winner was ‘Razzle Dazzle.’”

Watch the video of Jericho’s Jam Sesh below.