Chris Hero — Reportedly ‘Heading Back’ to WWE … Current Plans Call For Return to NXT

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Independent standout Chris Hero is reportedly “heading back” to WWE — and sources tell us the current plan is for the man formerly known as Kassius Ohno to re-join the NXT brand.

The Wrestling Observer first reported the story, but didn’t reveal further details about Hero’s WWE return … however, our sources say the ball has been rolling on this for a few weeks now.

We’re told the current consensus behind the scenes seems to be that he’ll go back to using the KO name and this will be a continuation of his former character.

According to the Observer, Hero would still need to pass medical tests before his deal is finalized. Our sources say these are the current plans in place if that happens. As always, things could change.

Check out Ohno’s debut vignette from the early days of NXT below to get reacquainted, then let us know what you think about this plan in the comments below.