WATCH: Chico El Luchador Mockumentary Featuring a Bunch of Famous Wrestlers

chico el luchador mockumentary video being the elite

You’ve seen Chico El Luchador on Being the Elite, but now his life story is being told in a mockumentary executive produced by Rocky Romero featuring a bunch of famous wrestlers.

The Roppongi 3K manager published Scuffling With Shade: Chico El Luchador (Part 1) on YouTube yesterday and The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll, Kazuchika Okada, X-Pac, Joey Ryan, Johnny Impact and Juice Robinson all make appearances.

Part 1 of the mockumentary tells the story of Chico’s feud with a wrestler named Juanito El Malo and ends with the “legendary” luchador being unmasked.

The video’s description reads: “Some people have gone Beyond The Mat and some people Wrestled With Shadows. But in this, my new documentary, Chico El Luchador is Scuffling With Shade.”

Watch the video below.