Southpaw Regional Wrestling’s Chett Chetterfield and Mr. Mackelroy return at Axxess (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

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After the unfortunate cancellation of Lethal Leap Year, Southpaw Regional Wrestling‘s Chett Chetterfield and Mr. Mackelroy have been seen once again … at WrestleMania Axxess!

Fandango and Tyler Breeze reprised their SRW personas in Orlando on Saturday for a signing, complete with big wigs, mustaches that won’t quite stay on and CC’s trademark glass of whiskey.

However, this whole thing just raises further questions.

  • Is Lethal Leap Year back on?
  • Will anyone be able to stop Mackelroy’s Sea Creature?
  • Will Lance Catamaran ever get his job back in Utica?!
  • How do Chett and The Banker look like they haven’t aged a day?

Hopefully we get some answers soon enough.

For now, enjoy photos/video of Chetterfield and Mackelroy’s triumphant return below!