Charlotte Flair Goes Off on Entitled Members of Locker Room (VIDEO)

charlotte flair video wwe raw talk entitled members of locker room

Charlotte Flair spared no words during her fiery appearance on Raw Talk last night, as she took aim at a few members of the WWE locker room by name.

Flair – who has made appearances on Raw, SmackDown and NXT in recent weeks – said she pays no mind to anybody who takes issue with her prominence.

“I see, I hear and I read what people say about me. That I’m entitled, that I’m always in the title picture. Here’s the thing. I’m the only person that shows up to work 365 days a year. I’m never sick, I’m never hurt. I am the hardest working person in this company,” she said. “I’m on Raw, I’m on SmackDown. Hell, I do media for Fox and I’m not even on Fox.”

She had no problem getting specific, either. Flair is not currently the number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship, which doesn’t sit well with her. “It is the people that sit at home for a year and then come back and are in the title picture. And you call me entitled because I’m busting my ass 365 days a year to be the best? No, it’s the people like Nia Jax that come back and are in the title picture,” Flair stated. “I’ve beaten Asuka twice now and I haven’t had my title match.”

Flair wasn’t afraid to go after a fellow Four Horsewoman, too. “It’s people like Sasha Banks who take time off and come back in the title picture. But I’m entitled? No, it’s the entitled people who get under my skin,” she said.

Just in case you were skeptical, The Queen has no plans on slowing down. “I am dedicated to getting better every second, every minute, every day, every week, every month. I love this business and I want to be the greatest of all-time. Not man or woman. Just the greatest of all-time,” she said. “I dedicate my everything to it. But I’m entitled because I want to be the best? No, entitled is sitting your ass at home.”

Damn, Charlotte!

27 Comments on "Charlotte Flair Goes Off on Entitled Members of Locker Room (VIDEO)"

  1. She’s not wrong

  2. And people wonder why I defend Charlotte. Watch this and hopefully they will understand.

  3. She took time off to get breast augmentation surgery.

  4. Work hard get opportunities Charlotte proves she wants to be the Best

  5. Shes the greatest female to step into a squared circle and she is better than 98 percent of the entire roster and if the rest of those bums put a 3rd of the effort and care into their gimmick and work. Entitled

    more like dedication

  6. Kenny Chambers | June 16, 2020 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    She is the very best female wrestler in wwe, the rest are wannabes that are very jealous of Charlotte.

  7. I agree with the queen No one works harder like she does I believe she is the best and the greatest for the women’s division no one can’t say shit about her she is the best.

  8. Why deflate her value by includong gender in the comment. She’s just one of the hardest workers period.

  9. Lee Roggenburg | June 16, 2020 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    @DazTruth you might want to research Jaguar Yokota. In the 70’s she could have held her own with many of the smaller men. WAY ahead of her time.

  10. Asuka works just as hard if not harder than Charlotte…true she works hard but let’s be truthful asuka actually CAN BEAT CHARLOTTE AND I DONT GIVE A DAMN WHAT ANYBODY SAY

  11. People can say what they want but they all know is she we’ll never be her dad or close to it

  12. Marilyn Sweatman | June 16, 2020 at 7:52 pm | Reply

    I really think that wwe is hurting for women and men wrestlers cause every week it’s the same ole matches. And the same smart Ellis.

  13. She’s talking about her herself,her matches are boring

  14. She took time off to have a busted implant fixed…she may very well never be her father but nobody will….she’s putting her own legacy out there for the world to see…and it’s damn good one…

  15. She need to stop beening a hate of all these woman on raw and smack down

  16. Charlotte flair, I respect what you do. I also respect Bailey. I believe she another one that does have best and works 365 days a year. What is your thoughts on this

  17. That’s why she is the daughter of Rick Flair. Like her father would it said to be the man you have to beat the man. In her case to be the woman you have to beat the woman,between the women’s.

  18. Michael Stevens | June 16, 2020 at 11:26 pm | Reply

    Charlotte Flair deserves more credit and pucblicity than any other female that ever walk that aisle. Wooo! Put her one on one for the championship belt with a no disqualification, and than see Mrs. Flair finish we’re her daddy left off. A damn true Champion.

  19. Charlotte is best wrestler I have ever seen in wwe

  20. How can you beat someone if it’s all scripted and the outcome is predetermined? I would understand her thinking if the matches don’t end until someone is actually pinned. Maybe she should take some time off and come back to a title match as well. Maybe her friends have figured it out and decided to work smarter not harder. Maybe her interview was all scripted and by the company for ratings too? That’s what this company does. Can’t take anything seriously.

  21. Glenallen Chartrand | June 17, 2020 at 9:18 am | Reply

    I think for a title match should be unsanctioned for the championship no body know how will win not even the management of the WWE

  22. Wayne Graham | June 17, 2020 at 1:35 pm | Reply

    Probably THE most intitled womens wrestler in the wwe at present as soon as she loses a title (Be it smackdown raw or NXT) low and behold she is either number 1 contender or she is entered into a title match in some way

  23. She’s right

  24. Gregory Merritt | June 17, 2020 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    Hey Charlote, In my eyes you are the best there is, the best there was, and the best you ever will be. Keep on moving to the top.

  25. Charlote is good not great.There was The Great Moola womens champion that was great. I will give it to Ms. Charlote, she very pretty, smart, but be careful WWE has a history of using you till you crack then throwing you away. THANKS

  26. All I can say Charlotte looses she goes & cries to daddy then he goes to Vince. Besides she isn’t the best if she was she wouldn’t be engaged to a druggie that has gotten suspended, for drug abuse. Becky is better than Charlotte by far. Charlotte wouldn’t of had all those belts if she didn’t have help from her daddy & Dana Brooke’s or cheat. Becky never has had help or cheated to win, besides Becky is the Man. She don’t have daddy to go cry to Charlotte thinks just because she is a Flair that her shit don’t stink. Well she is wrong her shit does stink so Charlotte get the f&&k off ur high horse. U are nothing but a selfish BITCH.

  27. Lady if you get honest about wrestling in wwe today? Vince controls everything!!! You have no say in who gets pushed and who doesn”t hell it’s always been the promotion owner(s) call on this.

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