Charlotte Flair’s ESPN “Body Issue” Spread Has Been Released (PHOTOS)

charlotte flair wwe espn body issue nude photo gallery

The digital version of ESPN‘s Body Issue is out now and features stunning images of Charlotte Flair — as well as video of the ex-Women’s champ doing a moonsault in the nude.

The spread features ten photos and video clips where Flair poses tastefully nude in what ESPN calls a celebration of the athletic form.

“I want the audience and little girls and children and adults to see me as the athlete I am,” Flair said of the shoot. “My looks have nothing to do with what I do in the WWE.”

In an interview with, the former women’s champ talked about the growth of female athletes in the WWE — and her desire to lead the charge.

“I have said it since day one, I want to be an attraction for the company. I want to be a Roman Reigns; I want to be a John Cena,” said Flair. “And right now the women are stealing the show and working harder than we ever have. We have had a lot of firsts, and I think we’re on the right path.”

Flair also added the biggest challenge the women face is time and getting multiple segments.

Check out some of the images by CLICKING HERE.