Charlotte Flair Addresses Boos from Fans During Becky Lynch Feud (AUDIO)

becky lynch charlotte flair feud boos

Despite what you may think, Charlotte Flair says she isn’t concerned with the mixed reaction she’s receiving from fans while feuding with a heel Becky Lynch

Flair spoke with Lilian Garcia during the latest episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia and said as long as she’s getting a reaction, she’s good with it.

“Whether you’re getting cheered or booed, you’re here to make the audience react. That’s how I look at it,” Flair told Garcia. “I don’t look at it as a negative.  I look at it as the fans are invested in a story.”

Charlotte did acknowledge the challenge she faces as the “good guy” saying she’s still learning how to flourish in that role. “It’s harder for people to accept me as the good guy because I’ve had so much success,” she added.

The ex-champ noted it’s a positive challenge, however, because it creates new layers for her character.

Flair also took some exception to the notion that she’s had an easy path to her spot … discussing her own struggles during the episode — namely, stepping out of her father’s shadow and the pressure that comes with being the child of a legend.

Listen to the interview below.  (The Lynch feud comments are dispersed throughout the convo).