WATCH: Charlotte Flair Comments on Becky Lynch Heel Turn at SummerSlam

charlotte flair becky lynch heel turn reaction video

Fighting back tears after the match, new Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair talked about losing a friend moments after winning the title.

When asked about the Summerslam victory by Cathy Kelly, she immediately turned her attention to the post-match attack by Becky Lynch.

“It’s lonely at the top,” Charlotte said. “So her turning on me? My dad always said that if you could count five people, walking away from here, as your friends, then you’ve done something right. Well, now I’ve got four.”

The Queen defeated Lynch and Carmella in a triple threat match to capture the title.  After the win, she and Becky embraced in the ring.  That was followed by a surprise attack that left Charlotte crying.

During the interview, Flair told a story about a pre-Wrestlemania car ride where she felt sympathy for Becky because she didn’t have a featured match at the year’s biggest show. She noted no one works harder than Lynch, but she always seems to come up short.

WWE cameras also followed Becky around backstage, but the Irish Lasskicker wasn’t having any of it.

Watch both clips below.

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  1. Charlotte and Becky feud for the remainder of this year. Enter 2019 and you set up Charlotte vs Ronda at WM.

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