Charlotte and Bram — Divorce Almost Final … You Can’t Touch My WWE Money!

charlotte bram divorce almost done wwe money

Divas Champion Charlotte and TNA star Bram are one step away from having their divorce finalized … and Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned she made sure to protect her WWE cash.

According to the couple’s settlement agreement, the suspended TNA wrestler agreed to waive his right to any money from Charlotte’s WWE career. She agreed to the do the same for him — as well as any money from films Bram appeared in.

The docs explain, “Each party waives any right, title, or interest in the wrestling career of the other party, including but not limited to all entertainment, promotions, movies advertising, etc, now and in the future.”

The settlement agreement also states Charlotte will be keeping the home they lived in — which she owned before they were married — as well as a 2013 Mini Cooper.  The docs say Bram will be keeping his 2000 Ford Mustang.

Court records show the former couple have another date in court this month to finalize the divorce.

charlotte bram divorce documents docs tna wwe

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