Jim Ross — Charges Dropped Against Driver Responsible for Wife’s Death

jim ross jan wife death charge dropped vehicular homicide

Jim Ross says a vehicular homicide charge against the 17-year-old driver responsible for his wife’s death has been dropped, despite an objection from the state.

Ross tweeted, “This morning norman judge Steven Stice felt compelled to dismiss vehicular homicide charge against the 17 year old in my wife Jan’s death. The state objected to no avail.”

“The driver never even lost his drivers license,” he added. “Sad world in which we live, folks.”

Case details seem to be unavailable due to a minor being involved, but we’re told the charges were dropped because the judge believed the driver had fulfilled his sentence — which was apparently counseling and undisclosed community service.

As we previously reported, Jan was driving to the gym without a helmet last year when her Vespa was struck from behind. She was thrown from the vehicle as it caught fire and sadly passed away days later. Jan Ross was 55-years-old.