Cesaro Receives Stitches After No Mercy Match, Teeth Pushed Into Upper Jaw (VIDEO)

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All he’s gonna want for Christmas are his two front teeth to be fixed, because Cesaro busted them up during his match at No Mercy and required medical work after the event.

Cesaro’s teeth were shoved into his upper jaw last night after being catapulted face-first into the ring post during the Raw Tag Team Championship match and afterward he received three stitches ahead of dental work on Monday.

WWE.com posted video footage of the lip stitching and it looks brutal. They also released a story with a quote from their doctor saying his teeth were pushed into the jaw by about 3 to 4mm.

The Swiss Cyborg looked to be in good spirits though, showing off his new crooked grin and asking on Twitter if anyone knew Isaac Yankem, DDS.

Check out the video of Cesaro getting stitched up below.