WATCH: Cesaro Forced to Sing Billy & Chuck Theme Song After Uno Loss

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When Cesaro loses in Uno, we all win … as seen in this video of the “Swiss Superman” being forced to sing the iconic theme song of Billy & Chuck.

Cesaro was soundly defeated by Adam Cole in a highly-competitive round of the popular card game on UpUpDownDown this week.

Per the established rules beforehand, Cole made Cesaro sing a theme song after losing which the other two competitors, Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze, got to choose. Woods and Breeze went with “You Look So Good To Me,” a true act of heroism.

For those who don’t know, Billy & Chuck (Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo) are former two-time WWE tag team champions and best known for their questionable/dated depiction of a same-sex couple.

The song’s a banger, though.