Cesaro DESTROYS Beach Ball During WWE x IGN Showdown (VIDEO)

beach ball cesaro wwe ign showdown esports

If you thought it was safe to hold a beach ball around Cesaro now, think again — because the wrestler destroyed one during WWE‘s e-sports event last night like it was SummerSlam all over again.

Before his first round match up with Xavier Woods in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite at WWE x IGN Showdown, Cesaro ran over to an audience member with a beach ball and confiscated it

He then promptly tore it apart and dropped the remains in front of his opponent. After the destruction, the Swiss Cyborg boldly declared, “No beachballs! No beachballs when I’m around!”

Cesaro’s disdain for beachballs is well-documented, considering he ran out into the crowd in the middle of his SummerSlam match to rip a wayward beachball apart.

Watch the clip of the destruction below.