WATCH: John Cena Says Conor McGregor Would Probably Beat Him Up

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While waiting for The Undertaker to do something, John Cena appeared on “Desus and Mero” last night and talked about what would happen if he fought Conor McGregor.

Cena was a guest on the popular Viceland show and discussed a variety of topics like butt-chugging in his new movie “Blockers,” his old Fruity Pebbles sponsorship, the difference between acting in movies vs. acting in WWE and much more.

When the subject of fighting Conor McGregor in WWE came up, John had no problem admitting the UFC star would probably beat him up. However … the 16 time champ added, “But I would love to have him at a WWE event, because I believe our consumers would wanna see it.”

Watch the full interview below (which we cued up to the McGregor talk).

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  1. Still has Vince’s foreskin on his lips

  2. McGregor would fuck John Cena up.

  3. Lou DiFigliano | April 4, 2018 at 2:50 pm | Reply

    Thanks Captain Obvious!

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