John Cena — Consoles Heartbroken 5-Year Old Fan After Elimination Chamber Title Loss

john cena elimination chamber fan 5 year old loss

Ex-WWE champ John Cena didn’t wallow in defeat after losing the title at Elimination Chamber, instead he took time to cheer up a fan of his who had been in tears over what happened.

The fan’s mom shared the moment on social media saying, “Tonight, I witnessed pure heartbreak in my daughter’s eyes when she watched John Cena lose at The Elimination Chamber. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She was so disappointed, and all she could manage to say was ‘No.'”

As the family was leaving the show through the backstage area, they happened to run into Cena and ask for a photo. The mother then explained how sad her daughter had been over the loss.

She continues, “He looked her in the eye and said ‘It’s ok. Sometimes we don’t win. But that just shows me that I gotta keep fighting. I will get a rematch. You remember that, ok? Never give up. Never lose hope. Keep fighting.’ And then we caught this moment.”

Thank 👏🏼  you 👏🏼  Cena 👏🏼  for  👏🏼  being  👏🏼  awesome.