Impact Wrestling Sends Cease and Desist Letters to ROH PPV Providers Over Broken Universe

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Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed Impact Wrestling sent cease and desist letters to PPV providers in regards to Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy ahead of ROH‘s event last night … but we’re told the company doesn’t want to permanently stop the brothers from using the characters.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the call to send legal letters came from the top brass at Anthem and wasn’t a decision that Jeff Jarrett had anything to do with.

We’re told the cease and desists included direct verbiage from the contracts both brothers signed. According to reports that was enough to scare Dish Network, who pulled the show.

Our Impact Wrestling sources say Anthem isn’t trying to recreate the characters without the brothers and they don’t want to force Matt and Jeff to no longer use them either — they want to work out an agreement for the Broken Universe IP. One that gives Anthem a cut of future proceeds.

Nordholm also tweeted saying Jeremy Borash, Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan created the characters, which should give further insight into why he’s standing firm.

Matt’s wife Reby Hardy went public with their feelings on this over the past 24 hours. Some of her tweets include:

  • “Can we just talk about how many times Matt’s contract could have been broken due to NUMEROUS issues on TNA end and never made a fuss about shit, but MFers wanna try & come at us NOW, *after the fact* ?! Don’t you have an owl to promote or some sh*t!? Or – I dunno – a company to “make great” ? Instead of acting like the petty little bitches you are????
  • “Ayy . You’re the only cable provider who p*ssied out to TNA’s threat. DO BETTER by wrestling fans who support you & the talent!”
  • “Don’t ever want to hear anyone talk about “burning bridges” when this move, which f*cks ROH & cable providers, leaves the most ashes behind”

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