Candice LeRae Receives Heartfelt Send-Off From Joey Ryan During Final Indie Appearance (VIDEO)

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The World’s Cutest Tag Team wrestled their final match together before Candice LeRae heads off to WWE and Joey Ryan gave a heartfelt send-off that might make you shed a tear.

It all went down at Bar Wrestling‘s event in Baldwin Park after Candice defeated Joey in a main event that featured gummy bears, a hot tag (in a singles match) and an homage to HBK retiring Ric Flair.

LeRae then brought her family into the ring and led the crowd in singing happy birthday to her mom.

After the sing-along was over … Joey got on the microphone and talked about how he was thinking of quitting the wrestling business right before they decided to team up five years ago, but World’s Cutest Tag Team opened up a new world of wrestling to him and it reinvigorated his passion.

“I’m Candice’s number one fan,” he added. “And I’ll be honest … I don’t watch much wrestling, much less WWE anymore, but I will watch every single time that you are on television.”

Keep your eye on Bar Wrestling’s pivotshare for the full show once it’s available.