Cain Velasquez Says He’s Had Recent Talks with WWE, Also Interested in AEW

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UFC legend Cain Velasquez claims to have had recent talks with WWE that are going well … but the MMA fighter says he’s also interested in AEW.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday, Velasquez talked about his recent pro wrestling debut at AAA’s TripleMania XXVII. Cain tagged with Cody Rhodes and Psycho Clown at the event and earned the victory for his team via submission.

Cain says he has two more scheduled matches with AAA. The next will take place over the weekend at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater and the other in October at The Forum in Los Angeles.

When asked if WWE has shown interest in him since the debut match, Velasquez replied, “We’ve been in talks with them.” Helwani followed up inquiring how the talks have gone and Cain said, “They’re going pretty good.”

Helwani replied asking what that meant and Velasquez simply said, “We’ll see.”

The UFC fighter then shifted the conversation to AEW. He explained that the company’s relationship with AAA and interest in lucha libre has enticed him as well. Cain says he’s talked to Cody “a little bit” about joining them, but wants to talk with them some more. 

Ariel asked if they’ve tried to get him for the debut episode on TNT and Velasquez says not yet because he can only do the three wrestling appearances for AAA that were approved beforehand – seemingly by the UFC due to his contract.

Watch the interview below.