Wrestlers Explain Why Cain Velasquez Joining the Business is a Good Thing (VIDEO)

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Prior to his surprise debut in WWE, wrestlers working with him at a AAA event talked up the reasons why Cain Velasquez joining the business is a good thing.

Fight Network released a new behind the scenes “Diary” on Wednesday which focuses on Velasquez wrestling for AAA in September.

The show also featured a few Impact stars and tag champ Josh Alexander of The North put it pretty simply when talking about the positive effects Cain joining wrestling has.

“He’s a former UFC Heavyweight champ, probably one of the most decorated and best heavyweights of all time in the UFC, and now he wants to come to professional wrestling. So he’s gonna draw a lot of names and people to come watch and see what professional wrestling is,” he explained. 

“It’s beneficial for everybody that’s on the card and shares the locker room and gets to get that exposure that that person’s drawing in,” Alexander added. “Just me being on the show, those people are going to see me and go like, ‘hey, what about that guy?'”

As for Ortiz, who is now part of All Elite Wrestling, he talked about how Cain’s involvement in wrestling helps Latino people working in the entertainment industry. “There aren’t a lot of latinos that are looked in a light in positivity,” the Inner Circle member said. “A lot of the times when you watch movies, or stuff like that, it’s more stereotypes. The fact that someone like that can crossover and bring positivity to it and power to the latinos, then he’s the perfect guy to carry that torch.”

Konnan elaborated on this same point when talking about Velasquez getting into wrestling. “Obviously you want latino role models and what better role model than Cain,” he asked. “A family man. Just a person who is very humble. Besides the fact that he’s latino, but just the quality of his character.”

Watch the full feature on Cain Velasquez below.