Bully Ray Opens Up About Randy Orton Twitter Debacle, Says He Doesn’t Understand Anger Over Dives (AUDIO)

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Tag team legend Bully Ray was taken aback by Randy Orton‘s Twitter antics over the weekend … and the ex-WWE Superstar vented about it Monday on his radio show.

Ray talked about the social media debacle on Busted Open and said he had issues with Orton in the past, but they had seemingly buried the hatchet during his last run — which made Sunday confusing.

He continued, “I still consider him one of the best workers in the world, okay? So I have zero clue why he needed to take that shot at me. But you know what? It’s all fine and good because me and Randy’s paths will cross again.”

This all started when OVW trainer Rip Rogers posted a tirade on Twitter on Saturday about indie wrestling matches all being the same. Orton seemed to agree with Rogers and took a shot at Ray after the latter posted a photo diving off the top rope.

When asked if Orton might be acting out of jealousy due to the attention smaller promotions like Ring of Honor are now getting … Ray said, “I don’t know if jealousy is the right word.”

“I’ve seen all the different promotions, I’ve seen all the different styles, and I appreciate all them for what they’re worth. I understand when it comes to wrestling psychology, I understand what the perfect wrestling psychology is.”

Ray continued, “Some people want to invest in Sports Entertainment, and some people want to invest in an entertaining sport. And everything in between. And I think that’s what you’re getting in the world of pro wrestling right now, and I can’t understand why people are upset by 10 dives and 20 super-kicks because half of the roster right now in the WWE got their start doing that style.”

Check out Ray’s comments from the SiriusXM show in the clip below.