Hulk Hogan — I Want to Join the Bullet Club (VIDEO)

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The Bullet Club is one of the hottest acts in wrestling at the moment, and it sounds like Hulk Hogan has heard they’re interested in his services — because the wrestling legend says he wants to join.

Hogan appeared at a signing this weekend for Frank and Sons in Southern California’s City of Industry and an attendee asked Hulkster point blank if he’d ever join the BC.

Never shy about getting a payday … Hulk responded, “I would love to be in The Bullet Club. I’d love to be the OG for The Bullet Club.” Adding, “Teach dem boys how to really get corrupt!”

Earlier this year The Elite took part in YouTube Q&A and said Hulk Hogan and CM Punk are the only wrestlers left that they would probably let into the group.

Interested in seeing Hulkster in the BC? Sound off in the comments below.

8 Comments on "Hulk Hogan — I Want to Join the Bullet Club (VIDEO)"

  1. Aren’t all the nWo lynchpin members alreayd granfathered into BC? I mean Nash is in BC so are Jarrett and Scott Hall’s son

  2. Attention seeking Hogan.

    • C’mon man let your fanhood show. Hogan, ESPECIALLY as his “Hollywood, Bigger Than The Business” persona is a perfect fit for the BC.

  3. Would have been nice if he had put over TNA like this.

  4. Would be EPIC!!! The third boom if this happend would be 2 sweeet! nWo 4-life

  5. Doctor Professor Richard Togo | May 4, 2017 at 11:24 am | Reply

    He’s killed everything else, might as well kill that too.

  6. As a fan I’d like to see that! Hogan, especially under his “Hollywood” person could be a good fit for the Bullet Club.

    Plus he put them over well.

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