Buff Bagwell — Files Royalties Lawsuit Against WWE

buff bagwell sues wwe wrestler wrestling royalties network

WWE just got hit with another lawsuit … this one courtesy of ex-Superstar Buff Bagwell.

Attorneys for the wrestler — real name Marcus Bagwell — filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Connecticut claiming that he is owed royalties for matches of his that appear on the WWE Network.

Bagwell alleges that the company’s purchase of WCW in 2001, and the deal he signed with WWE, essentially put him under contract with the company for the full extent of his original contract. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that he’s owed money from a percentage of profits that were supposed to be split among certain talent.

Because WCW material featuring Buff airs on the WWE Network, and because the network grossed $154.9 million in the final quarter of 2015, Bagwell wants to examine his right to some of the money.

The lawsuit was first reported by PWInsider.

WWE’s lawyer released a statement to LawNewz saying, “Bagwell never was promised royalties by either World Championship Wrestling Inc or by WWE for the use of the copyrighted works of World Championship Wrestling, Inc. We will be moving to dismiss the case if it is not voluntarily withdrawn, as it should be.”